Cable Consultancy Solutions.

At ATAG we have a wealth of experience in cable design and manufaction, enabling us to provide up-to-date consultancy advice. We have a proven track record of successful projects within the industry and with the advantage of our expertise and dedication we can help your business to grow.

Recent Consultancy Project

Benefits Of A Consultation

Going from one product to another during the manufacturing process of a large cabling plant in the North West, the time lapse occurred was 120min. By using SMED and other modern manufacturing techniques the changeover time was significantly reduced by over 50%. This resulted in a consistent time change that improved efficiency and production planning.

Problem Solving

Innovative problem solving solutions.

Specialist Knowledge

Contaminant analysis specialist.

Cost and Time Scales

Cost and time reduction of manufacture.


Expertise in setting up plants, fabrication, manufacture and maintenance.


Fault Analysis

Fault analysis of materials and products.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering of products.

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