Power Lead Assemblies

At ATAG we have a wealth of experience in design and manufacture of power leads and cords for all types of industries.

These types of assemblies consist of server wires, cables and connectors assembled in a single unit. We can manufacture both straight and coiled power cords, all of which is manufactured and assembled on site.

Custom Power Cable Assemblies

We offer a bespoke cable design assembly service with cables designed in accordance with specific requirements. Every aspect of the cable can be designed to ensure reliability and performance with the type of application and it’s environment. For example, the power lead may need to be flexible, withstand vibration, resist oils and operate in high temperatures.

Our team of experts will assist with the design of the cable, and make any alterations as required.


The quality of a power cable is integral to its performance, reliability and safety. This is paramount to all aspects of our cable design and manufacturing process. We carefully select and use only high quality materials to ensure function and efficiency of the cables we manufacture.

Featured Products

Curly Cords

We are the UK’s largest manufacturer of curly cords and specialise in the design and manufacture of cords for a wide range of uses.

Cathodic Protection

Cathodic protection cables provide strong protection against abrasion, chemicals, oils, moisture and crushing. Suitable for direct burial applications.

Antimicrobial Cables

Our range of antimicrobial cables provide a solution to bacteria, fungus and mould which is ideal for hospitals, medical centres and cleanrooms.

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