Cable Materials

Cable Raw Materials

All of our cables are manufactured in the UK using carefully selected materials to ensure function and efficiency of the cables which are available in a variety of colours, sizes and finishes to meet specific requirements. We stock hold more colours than any other supplier.

Product Specific Gravity Material Type
CT06 / 30 1.47 Polyethylene
Megalon 8037 DD 1.53 Low Smoke Zero Halogen
Megalon S552 1.52 Rigid Low Smoke Zero Halogen
SENTRA HF 8110 1.52 Low Smoke Zero Halogen
PP 1.10 Polypropylene
PP PHC27 - Melt 15 0.97 Polypropylene
ALCRYN 2070 1.25 Rubber Substitute
ALCRYN SRC11 1.25 Rubber Substitute
CFG08 / 278 1.25 Non Marring PVC
CFW08 / 275 1.20 Type 2 PVC
CFW12 / 160 1.40 UL 105 Degree PVC
CFW10 / 263 - Super Flex UL 80 Degree PVC
CFW13 / 224 1.37 Super Flex UL 105 Degree PVC
CT07 / 184 1.45 Standard 80 Degree PVC
1185 10 A 1.00 Gloss Polyurethane
1185 10 FHF 1.25 Flame Retardant Polyurethane
1185 10 M 1.10 Matt Polyurethane
PE 0.92 Polyethylene
CTX65 1.34 EPRM
HFX 500S 1.47 Solar Insulation Grade Polymer
HFX 509 1.79 Solar Sheathing Grade Polymer
Irogran 4350 1.15 Flame Retardant, Halogen Free Polyurethane
GH4937 1.37 Super Flex UL 105 Degree PVC
HN1551 1.31 Thin Wall Auto PVC
VN205 1.50 Commerical PVC
VN215 / 2 1.55 LSF PVC
VN225 / 3 1.37 Commerical PVC
VN240 105 DEG 1.35 UL 105 Degree PVC
VN267 1.25 Non Marring PVC
VN268 NON MARRING 1.35 Non Marring Medical PVC
VN336 / 5 1.45 Standard 70 Degree PVC
XN78927 1.20 Type 2 PVC
DHDA 8864 0.94 HMWPE
GFR 340-HP 1.35 Flexible LSOH 125 Degree Polymer
HYLAR 460 1.77 HALAR
Kynar 2800 1.77 PVDF

Service Benefits

Custom Cable Design
UK Manufactured
Customer Focused
Quality as Standard
Quick Lead Time
No Uncertainties
Competitive Pricing

Cable Preparation


Cable Finishes

Cut to Length
Specialist Materials
Variety of Colours

Cable Range

Bespoke Cable
Audio Cable
Defence Standard Cables
Solar PV Cables
UL Hook-Up Wires
Coiled Cable
Equipment Wires
Cathodic Protection Cable
LSZH Cables
Antimicrobial Cable
Tinsel Wires
Flame Retardent Cables
Telephone Cable

Featured Products

Curly Cords

We are the UK’s largest manufacturer of curly cords and specialise in the design and manufacture of cords for a wide range of uses.

Cathodic Protection

Cathodic protection cables provide strong protection against abrasion, chemicals, oils, moisture and crushing. Suitable for direct burial applications.

Antimicrobial Cables

Our range of antimicrobial cables provide a solution to bacteria, fungus and mould which is ideal for hospitals, medical centres and cleanrooms.

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