TV Filming Company

A TV filming company wishing to film the swimming in the Beijing copies needed a new design of cable which would take the strain off being dragged through water at speed and have the ability to be wound through a small set of pulleys, and be able to hold a constant signal. The present cable they used didn’t last long and this would cause difficulty especially if they lost signal during live shows.

We introduced a new copper alloy newly introduced to the cable industry. Working with a supplier we developed a highly flexible and strong signal capable of sending HD quality signal, whilst travelling through water at speed. The cable was also able to be re-reeled many times and never failed throughout the games.

Automotive Industry

A customer in the automotive industry was using PU coils with PVC inners which failed after a few stretches costing a vast amount of time and money. We designed a product using cable grade polypropylene that act in a similar way to TPU, retaining shape when heated.

Hospital Equipment

A customer was using standard telecom coils in their hospital equipment. These were failing after 1-2 weeks. We designed a cable that lasted over a year and more, plus we added e-coli and MRSA protection, these cables became so good the only reason for replacing them was due to food soiling and system upgrades. All though the product cost more, the down time saving was very significant. More than 50,000 sold over 2 years.

Specialist Cables – UK Manufatcured

Over 20 years we have designed many specialist cables for all types of industries, including:


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FCC68 – Telecoms Cable in Wire
CW1311 – Telecoms Cable in Tinsel
Certified Multicore
Def. Stan Equipment Wires
Def. Stan Multi Core
All the above in LSOH and Antimicrobial

Curly Cords

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Standard Telecoms
Standard Telecom in PU (all systems, all colours)
PU Multi Coanre
PVC Multi Core
All of the above in LSOH and Antimicrobial

Cathodic Protection

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Cut Length Facility


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Shielded Cables
Miniature Cables
Longer Lasting Cables
Hystral Copper Cables

Featured Products

Curly Cords

We are the UK’s largest manufacturer of curly cords and specialise in the design and manufacture of cords for a wide range of uses.

Cathodic Protection

Cathodic protection cables provide strong protection against abrasion, chemicals, oils, moisture and crushing. Suitable for direct burial applications.

Antimicrobial Cables

Our range of antimicrobial cables provide a solution to bacteria, fungus and mould which is ideal for hospitals, medical centres and cleanrooms.

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